[x] Misery Signals, Blackout Argument... (München)
[x] Never Say Die! Festival mit Converge, Bring Me The Horzion, Parkway Drive... (Chemnitz)
[x] Heavy Heavy Low Low, Fear Before The March Of Flames... (München)
[x] 15.09.07 Maroon, Himsa, Darkest Hour, As I Lay Dying (München)
[x] 23.09.07 Samsas Traum (Augsburg)
[x] 26.09.07 All Shall Perrish + Walls of Jericho... (München)
[x] 31.10.07 Fear My Thoughts (Freising)
[x] Despised Icon, .... (München)
[x] 05.04.08 Neaera,Above Our Distance,... (Regensburg)
[x] 14.04.08 Emmure, August Burns Red ... (München)
[x] 10.08.08 Architects... (München)
[x] 12.10.08 Bring me the Horizon... (München)
[x] 19.11.08 Never Say Die! Parkway Drive, Despised Icon, Unearth... (München)
[x] 18.03.09 Falloutboy, The Sounds, Kid Down (München)
[x] 13.04.09 Architects, Misery Signals, Comeback Kid (München)
[x] 29.06.09 Parkway Drive (München)
[x] 15.09.09 Misery Signals, Your Demise... (München)
[x] 27.10.09 The Devil Wears Prada (München)
[x] 11.11.09 Never Say Die! (München)
[x] 16.04.10 Mumford and Sons (München)
[x] 26.04.10 The Ghost Inside, Deeznutz (München)
[ ] 16.08.10 It Prevails (Ingolstadt)
[ ] 18.08.10 The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon (München)

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